Whether she is facilitating Baby Play, Toddler Play or a Mommy & Me Group, DayOne Baby instructor Sara Duskin emphasizes the A,B,Cs- attention, bonding and communication. These three tenets are at the core of Sara’s educational philosophy and ones that she hopes parents and caregivers will put into practice outside of class.


Peeking into the DayOne Baby classroom during Baby Play, it appears at first to look like complete chaos. But don’t be fooled- Sara is always thinking about ways to support children as they explore. “Babies are the best scientists because they explore everything. It is important for parents and caregivers not to teach their babies everything, but to teach them how to be in the world.”


Coming to class allows both babies and adults to socialize, an important aspect of this new phase. Becoming a parent is magical but also requires a lot of growth for the parent. And sometimes this does not come easily to parents. One of Sara’s great passions is helping new parents grow with their child and bond through class activities. “Babies absolutely love the enthusiasm and energy of their parents. They can feel it.”


Sara also has a unique approach to toys. “Parents should buy toys for longevity, not for short-term play.” She believes that balls, blocks, and stacking cups are essentials in learning and allow parents to interact and play. “Parents should have special toys, like a puppet, that they pull out from a hidden spot and use occasionally to engage with their children.” Sara also cautions that with busy work schedules, sometimes parents feel the need to compensate and overly engage. Rather than being over the top, parents should always aim to be natural and remember the A, B, Cs.


If you and your little one would like to meet Sara, you can sign up for our six-week Mommy & Me Series with Sara, starting on April 26. 

We would also love to see you at one of Sara’s Baby Play and Toddler Play Classes. You can see the full schedule here.

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Sara Duskin, British Trained Nurse, Lactation Consultant

Sara comes to DayOne Baby with nearly 20 years of lactation and new parent support experience.  Her vast life experience of being a mother, step-mother and grandmother adds to her perspective of challenges new families might face.  She is also a sleep, feeding and parenting consultant who was on the forefront of the idea of developmental play.  She does home visits and leads our weekly Baby Play and Toddler Play classes.


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