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Corporate Lactation Program and Breast Pump Rentals For Companies

Navigating the workplace after returning from maternity leave can be daunting. DayOne Baby Corporate Lactation program offers support to moms through their companies’ Human Resources department. Companies can ease the transition of employees returning from having a child with offering hospital-grade breastpump rentals, expert lactation advice to maintain milk supply, products designed for the unique needs of breastfeeding mothers at work, and new parent education.


Since launching in January of 2016, DayOne Baby Business Services program has worked with nationwide companies to support hundreds of families remain successful in the workplace. To share more about the services offered, benefits, and logistics, we have asked our Director of Field Operations, Maren McCabe, RN, IBCLC a few questions about the program.



What exactly is the Corporate Lactation program?


DayOne Baby’s Corporate Lactation program is a set of offerings available to companies across the country who want to support new parents, especially breastfeeding moms. We work with a nationwide group of lactation experts to provide customized support to large, and small, companies.  We create a custom support package for each company that consists of hospital-grade breast pump rentals and advice from experts trained to support the unique needs of the breastfeeding mother returning to work.


Our Total Care Packages contain the essentials specifically designed to ensure the optimal physical health and comfort of nursing mothers.  Our Nutrition Packages are designed to meet the increased nutritional needs of lactating mothers and provide additional nutritional support to assist with maintaining full milk supply.  We also offer support through parent education in the form of in-person workshops, webinars, online material, and curated products.


How did it get started?

Maren: The corporate lactation program started after we saw so many moms struggle to have a family, and a career.  More and more mothers are working out of the house, either by choice or need. I myself was a full time working mother who struggled to pump without adequate places or support, twice, and personally aware of the effect it can have.  Mothers are often faced with decisions to return to a career they love, struggle with the anxiety and stress of losing milk supply which takes their mind away from work.  DayOne Baby has been supporting families for over 20 years, and it’s only natural to promote and extend this support in the workplace.


What services are offered?


DayOne Baby partners with companies to help them provide custom support to their employees. We assist with lactation room locations and build outs, along with creating support and educational programs for Lactation and new parents, Lactation policy creation.  We also have support classes intended for HR and Benefit teams.  We work with mothers and families before and during leave, as well as after returning, to ensure a seamless return to work and maximize resources for the mother, and company.


Who are some of the clients?

Maren: We are fortunate to work with nationwide forward-thinking companies who understand the value in supporting new parents in the workplace. Some of our current customers are Microsoft,, AirBnB, Netflix, Pinterest, Plum Organics, SurveyMonkey, Sephora and more.


What are the greatest benefits that the moms experience with our program?

Maren: The companies win just as much as the mothers do.  Companies enjoy a significantly higher return from maternity leave, along with attraction and retention of top talent.  Companies also benefit from a 50% increase in productivity, as the pumps and support drastically reduce wasted time.  Companies also experience significantly less money on insurance costs and employee absence, as breast milk fed babies have a large reduction in illness and a parent who must stay home to care for them.  Mothers feel very supported and prefer to stay with companies that support Their family life, which can be related to their quality of work.



If you are a mom who is returning to work or a human resources professional and would like more information on DayOne Baby’s Corporate Lactation Program offerings you can contact Maren at


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