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Reasons to Take Your Prenatal Classes at DayOne Baby


The journey of pregnancy can be filled with excitement, wonder, anxiety and a host of well-meaning sources of information. How does an expectant mother sort it all out? DayOne Baby prenatal classes parents-to-be make sense of it all.

At DayOne Baby we believe that more information is not always the best. Finding a trusted source that you can build a relationship with is extremely important and we hope to be that source for expecting parents.

With busy schedules, baby showers, wrapping up at work, life during pregnancy can be extremely hectic and the last thing you want to do is sit in a classroom for a few hours on the weekend. However, being prepared and informed before baby arrives helps makes expecting parents feel more confident and relaxed.


Prenatal Classes at DayOne Baby:

Childbirth Preparation

Newborn Care

Preparing to Breastfeed and Pump

Infant, Child, and Adult CPR

Building Your Best Baby Registry

Building a Healthier Home and Nursery


While there are many great resources for prenatal education, we want to share with you a few reasons why you should consider taking your prenatal classes at DayOne Baby.



Reasons for taking Prenatal Classes at DayOne Baby San Francisco:


Small class size. Our intimate classes are limited to seven couples to ensure that parents have time to ask the instructor their questions.


Highly skilled instructors. Our instructors have years of experience and have been a part of our DayOne Baby community since we opened. Ami Burnham, who teaches Childbirth Preparation, is a nurse and midwife. Our Preparing to Breastfeed and Pump class is taught an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. They receive the highest level of education and training and share information in an open and informative way.


Education of multiple birthing methods. Our instructors cover Bradley, Simpkin and Lamaze methods in our birthing classes because we know what works for one couple may not work for another.  Our students take away from the class the method or methods they think will work best for them. We believe in sharing the best information so that families can make informed decisions about their birthing plans.


Instructor follow-up. Our instructors are available outside of class if participants have additional questions. They are also available for lactation consultations after your baby is born. A lot of our families make strong connections with our instructors.


Bedrest accommodations. If a mom is on modified bedrest, we can accommodate her on the mats or move in a recliner.  If she is on strict bedrest, she should consult with her OB.


Partner support. If moms are interested in getting an epidural, we encourage them to take this class so their partners know what to expect.  It’s very scary to see the person you love in pain and be unable to offer comfort.


Community support. Expecting parents find great relief in meeting and connecting with other parents in our Prenatal Classes. Friendships are formed and parents often reunite after their babies our born in our Mommy & Me classes. This strong community is what makes DayOne Baby so special.

Here is what some customers are saying about our Prenatal Classes:

“This class exceeded my expectations and made me feel so comfortable and more prepared for the process.  It gave us wonderful ideas about how to handle pregnancy and labor”

“Really wonderful and informative experience with Ami.  I feel much more confident”

“Very much enjoyed this class; Ami was a phenomenal instructor!”

“Very thought and well-paced class. Robin did a great job answering all our questions”

“Excellent class. The instructor was energetic and knowledgeable.”

“The instructor was fantastic – so knowledgeable and so easy to learn from!”

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