Our new Tagline – Supporting New Families at Home and in the Workplace

It has been a joy and privilege to have taken the helm of DayOne Baby.  Working with my colleagues on the DayOne Baby team and experiencing first-hand the generosity of spirit that exists in our overall community of team, customers, partners and more has been a phenomenal professional and personal experience.


With the advent of our new web site and go-to-market approach, we wanted to clearly articulate in single phrase who we are and what we do. As a team we collaborated working through various wordings with an eye toward capturing who we are and what we do in a way that would tell the story and be broad enough to cover all of the growth, breadth and depth of scaling in a variety of directions, yet holds true to our legacy and brand overall. Something that would reflect who we are today and all we are evolving into: Supporting New Families at Home and in the Workplace.



Many of you know us through our store, our education, business to consumer hospital-grade breastpump rentals, lactation support and more. Many of you may also be familiar with the fact that we provide all of these services to major corporations such as Microsoft,, Netflix, AirBnb, and more as well so that parents returning to work can benefit from them in their workplaces and have as seamless of a parenting and lactation experience as possible wherever they are and employers can take care of their employees. In everything we do whether B2B or B2C, we offer support – be it pump rentals, classes, consulting, or helping parents choose the right type of products for themselves and their children, we do more than simply supply products, goods and services – because of superb quality of “Team DayOne” we provide deeply supportive underpinnings for new families wherever they find themselves.


New Families

We also realized we don’t just help babies or moms or parents. We support the infrastructure of a new family – our work impacts babies and parents to be sure – but the effects are felt by grandparents, nannies, aunts, uncles, siblings, friends and more distant relatives and the community overall. When a new family in its early formation is supported at the ground level, everyone wins. The meaning of family has shifted over the past decades and we see families in the traditional sense, and we also see single parents (by choice or by life event), grandparents raising children, nannies who are critical and part of the family unit in their families, and the full spectrum of LBGTQ-based families.


The geographic and economic realities of families have morphed over the years as well. Some of us are old enough to remember that new parents often lived close to their own parents and in-laws and were able to benefit from close communities that they had been a part of for generations. Today, many new families live far from their own parents, people more often for work and other reasons, and the original support structures are not always there in the same way. While nothing can replace those structures, some of the benefits of guidance and support can be supplied by our highly trained team that always always keeps the new families’ welfare as a top-most value, with professionalism, warmth and humanity.


So we support new families of every type, and we have impact with a profound ripple effect throughout the family and its surrounding community.



At home and in the workplace

The B2B aspect of our work which has really taken off over the past year has enabled us to impact new families everywhere they are – in every context they inhabit, whether in their private lives or in that all-important transition back to the workplace. There is important legislation happening with regard to lactation and the workplace environment and we are on  the forefront of how forward-thinking employers and public places think about accommodating lactating mothers and new families in a broad way.


Over the coming weeks and months you will see a number of positive evolutions of our offerings, technical infrastructures and platforms, and more. We welcome your thoughts and feedback as we proceed, and will stay true to our mission of Supporting New Families at Home and in the Workplace.


Onward and Upward…



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