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At DayOne Baby, our goal is provide products with purpose that make caring for your baby easier. All of the items in our stores are carefully curated by our President and Co-Founder Nurse Nancy to ensure that we are offering the best available products. We are grateful to introduce you to one of the brands we are honored to carry in our stores, Little Lotus.

Based in the Bay Area, Little Lotus emerged from a business school project and has grown into an international company, helping thousands of babies around the world. We are proud to carry Little Lotus swaddles in our Palo Alto and San Francisco stores. While there are a handful of swaddle blankets available on the market, we carry Little Lotus because of their advanced technology, 1:1 donation model, and beautiful design.


We were fortunate enough to interview Jane Chen, Co-Founder and CEO and wanted to share her answers with our families.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and Little Lotus. How did you come up with the idea?

I went to Stanford for my MBA, and my first year there, I took a class at the design school to create technologies for people who are living on less than a dollar a day. The challenge posed to my team was to build a baby incubator that cost less than 1% of the cost of a traditional incubator which cost $20,000. From that challenge, Embrace was born.

The Embrace Infant Warmer is unique because it doesn’t require constant electricity and is portable, reusable and a fraction of the cost of traditional incubators. In 2008, my team launched the venture, packed our bags and headed to India, where 40% of all the world’s premature babies are born. From there we conducted clinical testing and refined the product.

We built an amazing team locally – without them, we could never have done any of this. We got the opportunity to help mothers and babies in the field.  It was an enormously impactful and moving experience for me to see our class project turned into a real, life-saving product.

After four years of living in India, I returned to San Francisco where all my friends seemed to be having babies. I noticed they were constantly worried about their babies’ temperature. I thought to myself: Embrace has a ton of experience with this.  Why don’t we introduce our product to the United States and deploy a Tom’s shoe–inspired business model, where each product sold helps a baby in a developing country? So with the help of a great team of designers we came up with Little Lotus, which helps keeps babies at the perfect temperature so they can rest better.

Our goal over the next couple of years is to help a million babies with the Embrace Infant Warmer. The sales of the Little Lotus products  is an important part of us reaching that goal, with our 1:1 model.


Parents are always trying to figure out what can help their baby sleep better. How does Little Lotus help babies sleep better?

Temperature regulation is important to keep your baby comfortable, which helps them to rest better. The Little Lotus products use a special fabric that was first developed for NASA spacesuits to help regulate baby’s temperature. It keeps babies at the ideal temperature by drawing away excess heat when babies get too warm, and releasing it when they start to cool down. Fewer temperature fluctuations enable your baby to stay more comfortable, helping them to rest better. Our temperature regulating fabric is safe for your baby to use, and feels soft and luxurious to the touch. And over 80% of parents in a recent survey said their babies are sleeping better in our products!


Tell us a little bit about the 1:1 model? How many babies have benefited from Little Lotus?

With each purchase of the Little Lotus products, a baby will be helped by the Embrace Infant Warmer. Little Lotus was founded by Embrace Innovations with a lofty goal: create well-designed baby products and in the process, give 1,000,000 premature and underweight babies in the developing world a better chance at life.

Over 200,000 babies have already been helped around the world. We hope to reach 1,000,000 babies with the help of the Little Lotus 1:1 model. We just launched the product in December, and have generated enough sales to help over 1,000 babies so far. We’re excited to have Day One Baby members join us in our mission!

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Join Little Lotus in the #MamaNeedsSleep campaign!

As new parents you probably are not getting enough sleep, and you dream of the days when you slept soundly through the night. Of course you are not alone! The average parent gets 6 hours of sleep, and that is just not enough. Little Lotus has partnered with Dr. Harvey Karp, baby sleep guru and author of the best-selling book, The Happiest Baby on The Block, for a contest to help parents get some much needed rest. Because #MamaNeedsSleep.

We want to see your adorable baby pictures, sleeping or otherwise, with your best/funniest/worst sleep experience captions. The Grand Prize Winner will win a personal sleep consultation with Dr. Harvey Karp, priceless! as well as a suite of Little Lotus products to help baby sleep better. Additional runner-up prizes include Dr. Harvey Karp’s Soothing White Noise Sleep Sounds and Little Lotus products…all great things to help your baby sleep better, and that means more sleep for Mama.

Please see entry details here.

There are many ways to earn entries:

General entries can be earned from March 17-21st and one randomly selected winner will be announced on the 22nd and will receive the Dr. Harvey Karp Sleep Sounds, a Little Lotus Swaddle and $100 Amazon Gift card.  

Then we will select ten of the pictures and captions and post them for the public to vote on from March 23 through March 24th. The picture with the most votes will be announced on the 25th and awarded the coveted Dr. Harvey Karp sleep consultation and full suite of Little Lotus products.

Four runner-ups will also receive the Dr. Harvey Karp Sleep Sounds and Little Lotus Sleeping Bag.

So share your stories, tag your friends and follow Little Lotus, because every #MamaNeedsSleep.

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