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One look at the DayOne Baby schedule and you will see that there is always something meaningful and educational happening in our San Francisco and Palo Alto stores. From our Mommy & Me class series to the prenatal and new parent workshops to the special events, it is safe to say that every time you are in the store you will experience the vibrance of the DayOne Baby community. While everything operates so seamlessly, it can be easy to forget that it is a lot of work to coordinate. Luckily, our San Francisco store has one of the most organized, dedicated, and thoughtful Education Coordinators to handle the scheduling logistics so families can enjoy our offerings stress-free. You have probably seen Bonnie sitting at her desk in the San Francisco store and wanted to know more about her and how she gets it all done! She is as modest as she is hard-working, but fortunately we were able to ask her a few questions to share with the community.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m proud to say I’ve worked with our president, Nancy Held, in the maternal-child setting since my son’s 1st birthday.  He’s now graduating college this summer!  It’s been my privilege to help new parents and babies for the past 20 years. I received my Lactation Educator’s Certification through UCLA in 2007.   It’s a career that really makes a difference in a person’s life.


What is a typical day like for you?

I start my day (and end my night) checking emails from instructors and customers to see what theirs needs are.  I monitor class enrollment and add classes accordingly.  I coordinate our classes that can run from 9am to 9pm, seven days a weeks.  In March alone, we have close to 150!  I also answer concerns from new parents that have questions regarding breastfeeding.  Sometimes it’s an easy answer and sometimes it takes that next level of expertise from one of our Board Certified Lactation Consultants that offer one-on-one consults here in the store.


What is your official title?

I am a Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) and the Education Coordinator for DayOne Baby San Francisco.


How do you see the DayOne Baby mission at the San Francisco store?

As the CLE, I feel that we’re the bridge between one’s pediatrician and their best friend.  We give evidence based answers (rather than “well my baby….”) and support new parents with a warm and non-judgmental approach.  As the Education Coordinator, I know our seasoned instructors and friendly staff offer useful information all while helping new parents build a new community of friends.


What is so special about the San Francisco store?

I think we’re unique in offering a haven for parents to come and feel 100% welcome to just spend time in a clean, comfortable environment.  They can spend as much time as they like in our Lounge, sipping tea, looking at a book from the library, and weigh or diaper their baby.  It’s so important for new parents (especially postpartum moms) to be able to get out of the house and feel supported.


Is there an experience you have had at DayOne Baby that stands out to you.


My favorite story: A pregnant mom was signing up for classes.  She enrolled in all the usual classes except for the prenatal breastfeeding class. I explained that I was a lactation educator and delicately asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing why.  She said she was on a medication and was told that it was incompatible with breastfeeding.  After verifying what I had already known, it turned out that medication was compatible and that she was given outdated information.  This was especially significant because her baby came 6 weeks early and being able to give the baby breast milk was critical in her development.  That one phone call changed the course of that new family’s journey in a very positive way.


Be sure to say hi to Bonnie when you see her around!

We are fortunate to have dedicated instructors and staff.

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