Dr. Kelley Abrams is a Developmental Psychologist, Professor of Infant and Toddler development, and Parenting Consultant. She also is a private consultant and class facilitator at DayOne Baby, teaching several Mommy & Me groups and parenting workshops (see list of classes & times below).

What’s Kelley’s favorite advice to give parents?

Focus on feelings, not behavior. Your baby or toddler has lots of big feelings but very little control over how she acts. He is not being manipulative or willfully defiant. Comforting your baby when she cries will help her feel safe and secure, and she will cry less. Labeling feelings, ‘Oh you feel so sad/mad/frustrated’ will help your baby/toddler feel understood, and also teaches self-control. You will have fewer power struggles and more fun.

“Over 20 years ago, I began my quest to understand how babies learn as much as they do over the first years of life. What I soon discovered, through my doctoral training at UC Berkeley, was that babies come to understand the world through their first relationships. I found that our earliest experiences can shape our development in profound ways. As a fellow with Zero To Three, I went on to learn more about supporting parents and babies, including using knowledge gained from research to influence national policies for families. As a mother of two, the healthy development of all children is vitally important to me.  Through my teaching, trainings, and one-on-one work with families, I focus on supporting parents and professionals in their relationships with young children. Sometimes it surprises parents to learn that even very young infants experience a full range of feelings. I encourage new parents to see the world through their baby’s eyes, discovering his or her unique likes, dislikes, and ways of communicating..”


Services Offered by Dr. Kelley Abrams


‘Preparing for the Holidays’ Workshop

Available for Private Consultations for Infant & Toddler Development

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