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The Importance of a Good Nursing Bra

One of the most important purchases an expecting mother can make is the investment in good bras. With a lot of confusion about when and what to buy, we have addressed the frequently asked questions about nursing bras and tanks.

At DayOne Baby we want to help all moms thrive and get the support they need. We offer both educational classes and retail products so that we can be your one-stop-shop during this new transition. All retail products are curated by our President and Co-Founder Nurse Nancy.

DayOne Baby is the destination for nursing bras

We carry an extensive selection of nursing bra styles and sizes for moms to ensure the correct fit. All of our staff is trained in bra fittings and are happy to help you find the right bra. No appointment is necessary and we have private fitting rooms for your privacy and convenience. Come in for a fitting to our San Francisco and Palo Alto stores today!

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff.

Let DayOne Baby answer your nursing bra questions


Why do I need a nursing bra?

Nursing bras are designed to either unclasp at the top or move to the side to allow the baby to latch on without having to take the bra off.  Nursing bras often have more flexible cups so they can expand and contract as the breast fluctuates in size throughout the day and over time.

How many nursing bras do I need?

At least 3:  One to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer, ready to go. In addition, sleep bras are helpful to hold bra pads in place without any structure or pressure on the breast.  Most women feel more comfortable wearing a bra to bed while they are breastfeeding.

Nursing tanks are great for wearing alone or under other clothing since they have built in bras. We recommend purchasing 2 bras before birth.  One may be worn in the hospital after the baby is born and the other can be available when the first bra needs to be washed.

How much support does a nursing mother need in a bra?

Most nursing women stay with the level of support they are most accustomed to prior to becoming pregnant.  As a general rule:

B-C cups need light to moderate support

C-DD (E) cups need moderate to full support

DD (E) to G cups need full support

Are underwire bras okay for breastfeeding women to wear?

A properly fitted underwire bra poses no hazard to a breastfeeding mom.  However, a poorly fitted underwire can cause plugged ducts and possible mastitis (breast infection).

Our recommendation is to avoid underwire bras for the first few weeks after the baby is born  and your supply is adjusting. After the supply adjusts, a well-fitted underwire bra is appropriate to wear during the day but should not be worn at night.

What is the right stage to be fitted for a nursing bra?

No earlier than the 8th month of pregnancy (about 36 weeks).  During pregnancy, the rib cage expands and most women notice their cup size increases as well as the breasts prepare to make milk.  Usually by 4 weeks before her due date, a woman’s breast size will have stabilized as her hormones have stopped her rib cage expansion and she can be fitted correctly. Fitting at this stage is more likely to predict the true size needed for comfort and support once the baby is born and the milk comes in.

How should a well-fitted bra look?

The bra should fit comfortably when fastened on the middle row of hooks. Well-fitted bras cover the entire breast- the cups should be deep enough to completely support the breast and bra pads, so that no breast tissue slips or bulges out.

Cup size should feel flexible and not too tight.

Band should be straight and flat around the back.

Should straps should have just enough tension to hold the bra on the shoulders- they should not be providing support.  If there are red marks on the shoulders, the straps are too tight.

Underwire/flexi wire should be under and around the breast tissue, not applying direct pressure to the breast.

Center front should sit flat on the chest.

Do I need bra pads?

It is estimated 90% of all breastfeeding women leak between feeds, therefore bra pads, whether disposable or washable, are useful items to have on hand before the baby is born.  Purchasing one set of pads before the baby is due is a good plan.  

Come in for a complimentary fitting with our trained staff today!

No appointment necessary.

We look forward to helping you find the best nursing bra for you.

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