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At DayOne Baby we pride ourselves on offering quality, curated products to our customers. We believe in carrying the best products so that parents can purchase items with confidence and without confusion.


Our Store Manager Stephanie also serves as our buyer and makes it her mission to provide reasonably-priced, sustainable, and helpful items. This week we asked Stephanie to share her top five products that she is loving for summer.


Stop by our Sacramento Street store to shop Stephanie’s favorites!

“Welcome to the World” blanket. This hand-made blanket is crafted by a mother in Israel. When I saw the lovely print and felt the comfortable material I knew that our families would love this blanket.


Wooden Rattle by Waylive Rattle Company.  Their beautiful rattles are also handmade in Colton, Oregon. They use 3 types of wood:

Canarywood- A canary yellow wood with stripes of browns, black, oranges and reds.

Leopardwood- A brown wood with light brown/tan spots.

Satine- A deep red wood with stripes of alternating grain patterns creating a shimmering effect as light hits it from different angles.


Jungle Height growth chart by Plan Toys. I love this jungle printed canvas growth chart. It comes complete with 4 animal measuring clips, which are movable from height to height. Made from sustainable rubber wood and coated with a non-toxic finish, all colors are made from vegetable dye.


Odd Ducks by Boon. These are not your average ducks! As Boon describe them, kids come in different shapes and sizes, shouldn’t rubber ducks come that way too? They are PVC and BPA free and won’t hold water so they won’t grow mold.


Portable Peace Travel Sound Machine by The First Years. An on-the-go sound machine that has a flexible strap to easily attach to car seat or stroller for convenience. There are six soothing sounds and six Mozart melodies and a volume control to ensure the perfect sleeping environment.


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